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Public utility foundation

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Stéphane Dumas in his studio in Normandy

The Audiovisual Foundation for Arts and Design

The Audiovisual Foundation for Arts and Design is a recognized public utility foundation, based in Brussels, which benefits from the support of the King Baudouin Foundation.

A quest for meaning and landmarks

At the dawn of a third millennium in search of meaning and bearings, the future seems to us based on four essential values

Education / Legacy / Opening / Sharing .


Art, design and architecture, bearers of these emblematic values, participate in the development of a more positive and creative world.

Our goal: To allow access to Art

Promoting the visual arts (painting, sculpture, drawing, comic's, photography, video art, digital art and more generally all forms of artistic expression that produces objects essentially perceived by the eye), applied arts, decorative arts , design, and architecture,


Allowing the greatest number of people to have access to art and culture through the use of multimedia technologies and the creation of its own media channel (TV, web, mobile ...) independent and international, dedicated to art and culture and based on the values of education, transmission, openness and knowledge sharing,


Establish an international  memory bank of audiovisual cultural programs around the visual arts, applied arts, decorative arts, design and architecture for future generations.

Gael Davrinche  in his studio in Montreuil


Paintings  by Guy Ferrer

Our Latest Films

Our values

Education, Legacy , Openness, Sharing

Benjamin Didier during a photographic project

4 key values


Awakening to disciplines and professions, deciphering the history of humanity through art, getting informed and learning while having fun.


Immersion in international contemporary creation, invitation to discover the artistic cultures of the different continents.


Contribution to the preservation of cultural and artistic memory, the safeguarding of heritage and the transmission of knowledge.


Discovery of new talents and vocations, creation of cultural events, help in the development of the ecosystem around the visual arts.


Congress Street 35,  

1000 Brussels

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