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Our Values

Education, Legacy, Openness, Sharing

A quest for meaning and benchmarks

At the dawn of the third millennium in search of meaning and benchmarks, the future seems based on four core values:


Education - Legacy  -   Openness  -  Sharing


Art, design and architecture convey these values and contribute, therefore, to develop a more positive and creative world.

Today with more and more powerful multimedia and technological tools, we are convinced they enable to highlight these very foundations of life throughout the world, especially for the younger demographic.





Awaken to disciplines and professions, decrypt the history of humanity through art, inform and teach in having fun.



Immersion into the international contemporary creativity, invites to discover the artistic cultures of the different continents.



contribute to the preservation of the cultural and artistic memory, preservation of heritage and the transmission of knowledge.



highlight new talent, encourage vocations, organize cultural events and support by its action the development of the ecosystem around visual arts.


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